vendredi 19 septembre 2008

Jour 501

Un nain en ferrari

On peut tout de même compter sur l'Independent pour appeler un chat un chat :

"Mme Ferrari, 41, took over three weeks ago as the anchorwoman of the evening news on TFI, France’s most watched television channel. She replaced – at the instigation of President Nicolas Sarkozy [...] Last June President Sarkozy was reported to have lobbied his billionaire friend, Martin Bouygues, the majority shareholder in TF1, to have M. Poivre d’Arvor fired [...] The veteran news anchor, universally known in France as "PPDA", had asked M. Sarkozy, on air, if he sometimes felt like a "little boy in the big boys’ playground". M. Sarkozy, 5ft 5in tall, is hyper-sensitive about his size." (l'Independent, 16 septembre 2008)