mercredi 4 août 2010

Jour 1182

Même les conservateurs de l'étranger en parle

Foreign Policy, le 30 juillet 2010 :

"no French president has ever been as unpopular in the third year of his first term; Sarkozy's approval rating stands at 33 percent. The French are tired of the uninterrupted flow of scandals from Paris. Not a week passes without more news of government officials enriching themselves at public expense or cultivating personal and financial ties with France's milieu of millionaires. [...] . His statements on foreign affairs are now bordering on megalomania. During France'spresidency of the European Union, he described himself as "Europe's president"; later, in the same vein, he announced that he was the founder of the G-20 and the savior of global capitalism. [...] Sarkozy seems to have abandoned hope that France's trying circumstances can be overcome with optimism and audacity. He might try repression and retrenchment instead."