mercredi 30 juillet 2008

Jour 450

Le futur

Pour savoir ce qui nous attends, tournons nous vers la Grande-Bretagne. L'Independent, 30 juillet 2008 :

"A generation of young Britons is being criminalised for life by the relentless expansion of the national DNA database, ministers are warned today. [...] The Human Genetics Commission [...] called for the database to be taken out of the control of the Home Office and police altogether, with one panel member warning that the database was a "first step towards a totalitarian state". Britain now has by far the largest DNA database in the world. It includes an estimated one million people who have never been found guilty of any offence, some 100,000 of whom are children. About 40 per cent of young black men have been forced to provide samples, compared with 13 per cent of Asian men and 9 per cent of white men. Genetic material is now taken from all people arrested by police, regardless of whether they are subsequently charged or convicted, and remains on file for life."