mardi 12 août 2008

Jour 463

L'important c'est de participer

Comme d'habitude, on en apprends pas mal sur la France en lisant... la presse étrangère. Notamment le Financial Times, 11 août 2008 :

"This concerns the nation’s eccentric quest for perpetual linguistic pre-eminence in the Olympic movement [...] Behind these words lie a well-financed campaign by France, led by its foreign ministry and supported by the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (the OIF, a group of largely French-speaking nations), to ensure French is used at the games. For the ministry, the Olympic effort is part of an €50m drive to ensure that French “continues to be a major language of international communication”. The OIF, meanwhile, has appointed a kind of chief language inspector in Jean-Pierre Raffarin, former French prime minister, who will be “Grand Témoin de la Francophonie” at the Olympics. [...] In Cambodia, for example, the French government insisted that medical and other students financed by French aid should be taught in French but had to retreat in the face of demonstrations by students demanding to be taught in English. [...] t may be time for the French taxpayers to stop funding campaigns to persuade others to speak a language they have little use for."